Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hello friends! We have been away for quite a while and we have missed each and everyone of you.

It's now spring, and we are loving life and the wonderful weather. I am still teaching the pup how to play properly. She really does expend way too much energy in the art of play. I'll have to keep giving her lessons.

As you can see below, Lucy decided to refrain from too much exercise. I think she may be guarding the bed.
Ah Ha! She moved! After our tiring exercise, I decided on a little nap. The youngster tried to steal part of my bed, but I didn't give in. I guess she decided that having her hard noggin on the ground was better than nothing at all.

After sunning and resting Mom called us in for treats....We love her. As usual I'm the prettiest in the picture!!
Later puppers!