Saturday, August 23, 2008

We went for a wonderfully long walk today. We saw amazing sights, and were thrilled when we got to go an extra block. When we got home Rex and I realized how tired and hot we were so we enjoyed a lounge on the cool kitchen floor. I tried to push him over a bit, so I could stretch to my fullness, but he wouldn't budge. Since he is old, I decided to rearange myself for him.
Then as we were resting, young Lucy heard the word "Treat". That single word sounds like the trumpets of angels from heaven! It has the power to move the earth, and me from a comfy spot!

So of course I had to get up to see if the word was was! Fabulous treats followed. Rex was to shy to sit for his in front of the camera. We however had no qualms about it.

Such a wonderful day!! We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!
PS, the collar on Lucy is for her school only, and isn't a tourture device. She is pretty hard headed, and trains much better with it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Since we had no pictures of brother Rex on our last post, we decided to give him equal time. Here is his handsome self.

We were tagged a long time ago by mango. But since mom is old and forgetful we had to remind her.

What is your name? Cookie

If you could change your name what would it be? The Omnipotent Queen

What is your pets name? Lucy. She is the only one who plays bitty face with me, so she must be my pet.

If you could change your pets name what would it be? Bitey Face Looser.

What is your brother or sisters name? Brother is Rex, and sister is Lucy. (I'm not counting the stupid cats today)

If you could change their name what would it be? Rex would be King (actually his name is King Rex, but mom never calls him the. He is named after the king of mardi gras.)

I must now tag as many puppers as the number of letters in my name. Cookie, so it should be 6. However, I'm breaking the rules, since the tag is so old, everyone has probably already been tagged. So I won't retag. But I do thank Mango for the thought, and we will keep up on our tags from now on!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

stupid cats

Happy Friday everyone. The zoo crew reminded us we need to keep our mom posting. Our last post told everyone why we were gone for so long. We now have pictures of the stupid "cat rooms", with their new floors(yes rooms are complete with cats, yuck). Why are there special rooms for the cats? We should be able to go where ever we want, right? The cats can come and go from these rooms, but we can't. It's a plot to take over the affections of our mom, I'm sure. I'm going to speak with Mango, and see if he has any ideas how to thwart this atrocity.

This is what Lucy and I think of those rooms. We are very unimpressed! Lucy kept sticking out her tongue in disgust, but mom is never quick enough with the camera.
Stay tuned to see what happens with those stupid cats.