Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodby King Rex

It is with heavy heart, we tell you that our beloved Rex, has passed over the rainbow bridge. He was the best of the best, and we will forever carry him in our hearts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello friends,
We've been away for awhile, and need to catch up.

First, we must painfully say that our beloved brother, Tigger has crossed the rainbow bridge. He was a very old man and we like to think he enjoyed his life here with us. We don't have any recent pictures for you, but we carry his picture in our minds every day.

Next, our sister Lucy was very, very sick for a couple of weeks, and spent a week in the doggie ICU. She is feeling much better now, as you can see below. She let us all know, that since she has been sick, she can no longer sleep on the floor, and must have the most comfortable beds!

Our mom had surgery too, but there are no pictures of That! Our Grandma came and stayed with us as mom recovered. Grandmoms are the best!!! She sneaked us treats when mom wasn't looking and spoiled us lots! Mom is feeling much better, and Grandma has gone back home. We'll miss her alot.

Our very old brother Rex, has been feeling poorly due to old age, but is hanging in there,still wagging his tail, and fussing at the pup.

As you can see, the pup and I have been working very hard to keep the household in order during these times. It's a very tough job, but someone has to do it!!
Later puppers.