Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The abandonment

It started out a sunny, pleasant day. I was just trying to enjoy a little sun, thinking of taking a nap, when.....
the noise started.....barking, and growling, and the sound of bodies being slammed unceremoniously against the house....the girls thought it was play time....

I put a stop to it right away! I need my beauty rest, and I couldn't take a nap with all that commotion!

The girls started to wind down, and my thoughts returned to pleasant dreams..... Suddenly we heard a noise!

It required our utmost concentration. You can't tell, but I am concentrating the hardest.

This was a serious problem. We needed to check the perimeter for intruders, and defend the homestead! Off we went.....

Hey, where are my peeps?! Abandoned and left alone to defend the homestead.

Sometimes it's really hard to be in charge.....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sky's day out

Hi everyone, Sky here. I talked mom into letting me have my own post one the blog.....don't tell Cookie. Mom wanted to know if all the loose skin around my face would move with me when I play....I guess it's a yes!! We're on our way to school, and Mom wanted to know how far I could stick my head out. Well, I could have gone farther if she had let me! Besides her mirror needs to be washed.

This is my sister Echo, and myself, at class. We look alike don't we?

Here I just couldn't resist a pose.

You can tell us apart from the front and the back. I have a spot on my back, and she has one on her nose.

I'm really glad I had my day on the blog. I hope Cookie won't mind too much. I don't think she will, mom said she was breaking out extra treats today!