Saturday, September 27, 2008

We went to the dog park today. It was Lucy's first time. Mom has taken a long time to take us, because Lucy sometimes doesn't play well with others. She, of course, misbehaved, and we had to leave. Don't worry, no dogs were harmed in the experiment. Mom made Lucy were a muzzle. So we got back home and she beelined for all the comfy furniture. I guess she was glad to be back! By the way, has anyone noticed how long her neck is? I haven' t said anything to her, she is a little sensitive.

I took the opportunity to play with my stuffy, and lounge on my outside bed. I love the dog park myself, but it does were me out, because everyone wants to be my friend. It's alot of work being so social.

Rex, was excited to get there, then was ready to go after 2 minutes. He is after all a senior citizen and gets tired very fast. Mom even bought him a special leash so he can lag behind on our walks.
Next time we will remind mom to bring the camera on our excursion, and not after wards.....
To everyone who has left us wonderful messages, we will be getting back to you soon. Mom is very slow......
Later puppers!
Ooops, ok, for the observant of you, these are indeed old pictures of Rex. He was a little camera shy today.