Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Red Handed !!!

This is what mom found when she came home from work today. Lets just say she was less then pleased.
My sister Lucy Lu, was caught in the act. (not too bright on her part, if you ask me)

Then she kept it up, like not even concerned that moms face had that red look, and she was muttering under her breath. ( that's a warning to leave the room, for all of you that don't know)

Suddenly, as if coming to her senses, she realized she might be in trouble, and tried to throw the blame elsewhere. Poor Rex, always a scape goat.

Then she stole it back, and just tried to look cute. Kids these days, no respect!!! I would have handled it much differently. After all, I am COOKIE, and I lead this crew. I'm going to have to teach the young one the finer points of destroying things and not getting caught.
Later puppers.
PS. Now that our human is blogging again, we will hold onto all the applicants who wanted to be our mom. Stay tuned, she really isn't out of the woods yet.

Friday, April 4, 2008

No picture friday


This as an add for a new human, who actually writes about us, on a weekly, if not daily basis. Someone who will take pictures of our gorgeous selves, but not act like the paparazzi.

We would prefer that this new human is generous with the kibble, and will give us unlimited treats

We need our tummies rubbed at LEAST 12 to 14 times a day (each)

This human must love drawl, and a river from the water bowl each time we drink(someone who stands waiting to wipe our mouths would be a plus)

We would like to go for outings twice a day, and Lucy would like to drive, as I am busy with my head our the sunroof.

We want be to chew on our pizzels, IN THE HOUSE, and ON THE COUCH! (yes, we
finally got to try them)

If the above described human is out there, please keep us in mind.

This is actually a final warning to our current human, about not posting to our special blog in so long. Human, you are on notice!! We will not tolerate this behavior any longer!!!
we love you, and don't want to loose you, so straighten up!!


the cats said something about wanting the litter box emptied 10 times a day.

what ever!!