Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hello friends! We have been away for quite a while and we have missed each and everyone of you.

It's now spring, and we are loving life and the wonderful weather. I am still teaching the pup how to play properly. She really does expend way too much energy in the art of play. I'll have to keep giving her lessons.

As you can see below, Lucy decided to refrain from too much exercise. I think she may be guarding the bed.
Ah Ha! She moved! After our tiring exercise, I decided on a little nap. The youngster tried to steal part of my bed, but I didn't give in. I guess she decided that having her hard noggin on the ground was better than nothing at all.

After sunning and resting Mom called us in for treats....We love her. As usual I'm the prettiest in the picture!!
Later puppers!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hound Limo

Hello all!! We've been working very hard on our new ride. As you can see from the elegant decore we have chosen, it's a beauty. The plastic mat that catches drool and mud shimmers in the sun. The plush blanket is as soft a a summer cloud. Mom says the toys are for our limo only, and we only get them when we ride the open road.

After all of our very hard work, making the hound limo a success, we are resting....ahhhh.
Later puppers

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodby King Rex

It is with heavy heart, we tell you that our beloved Rex, has passed over the rainbow bridge. He was the best of the best, and we will forever carry him in our hearts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello friends,
We've been away for awhile, and need to catch up.

First, we must painfully say that our beloved brother, Tigger has crossed the rainbow bridge. He was a very old man and we like to think he enjoyed his life here with us. We don't have any recent pictures for you, but we carry his picture in our minds every day.

Next, our sister Lucy was very, very sick for a couple of weeks, and spent a week in the doggie ICU. She is feeling much better now, as you can see below. She let us all know, that since she has been sick, she can no longer sleep on the floor, and must have the most comfortable beds!

Our mom had surgery too, but there are no pictures of That! Our Grandma came and stayed with us as mom recovered. Grandmoms are the best!!! She sneaked us treats when mom wasn't looking and spoiled us lots! Mom is feeling much better, and Grandma has gone back home. We'll miss her alot.

Our very old brother Rex, has been feeling poorly due to old age, but is hanging in there,still wagging his tail, and fussing at the pup.

As you can see, the pup and I have been working very hard to keep the household in order during these times. It's a very tough job, but someone has to do it!!
Later puppers.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The abandonment

It started out a sunny, pleasant day. I was just trying to enjoy a little sun, thinking of taking a nap, when.....
the noise started.....barking, and growling, and the sound of bodies being slammed unceremoniously against the house....the girls thought it was play time....

I put a stop to it right away! I need my beauty rest, and I couldn't take a nap with all that commotion!

The girls started to wind down, and my thoughts returned to pleasant dreams..... Suddenly we heard a noise!

It required our utmost concentration. You can't tell, but I am concentrating the hardest.

This was a serious problem. We needed to check the perimeter for intruders, and defend the homestead! Off we went.....

Hey, where are my peeps?! Abandoned and left alone to defend the homestead.

Sometimes it's really hard to be in charge.....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sky's day out

Hi everyone, Sky here. I talked mom into letting me have my own post one the blog.....don't tell Cookie. Mom wanted to know if all the loose skin around my face would move with me when I play....I guess it's a yes!! We're on our way to school, and Mom wanted to know how far I could stick my head out. Well, I could have gone farther if she had let me! Besides her mirror needs to be washed.

This is my sister Echo, and myself, at class. We look alike don't we?

Here I just couldn't resist a pose.

You can tell us apart from the front and the back. I have a spot on my back, and she has one on her nose.

I'm really glad I had my day on the blog. I hope Cookie won't mind too much. I don't think she will, mom said she was breaking out extra treats today!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

gifts from friends

We received wonderful gifts from our friends Moco, Foley and Dawson, a few months ago. Our "big" computer was down, so it's taken us awhile to say THANK YOU.
The problem matter how many times the picture is taken, we can't see the treats......yes, there were treats!!! Lots of them!!! But where are they now???
Well it seems that Cookie girl , was so very hungry the day the package arrived.....and well, now the treats are gone forever.
But she REALLY loved the cool toy.

She carried it around and chewed the way this is quite a sturdy toy.

and chewed...

but was spied by another......

Stolen, right from under her nose!!

Now she's just showing off....

Let the games begin

We would really like to thank our friends for sending us the really cool package, we will be passing it forward to more puppers.
Later puppers