Saturday, January 10, 2009

feather pillow party

Mom heard us playing while she was on the computer. She thought to herself, how great it was we were all getting along. Then she came decided to look and see what we were doing to have such great fun.......

How were we to know it was her favorite feather pillow??????
There we were covered in all the evidence. We weren't very stealthy, this go round. We'll have to try harder next time. However the exuberance of flying feathers, can't be matched!!!

There was the little white one, trying to look innocent. Just because you can't see the white feathers on her.

Then there was a true innocent bystander.........

It was a great feather pillow party! Next time you find yourself alone with a feather pillow, we recommend you introduce yourself to the feathers inside. It will make for a GREAT day!